The Power of Your Smile

Do you have a smile, a gift so divine?

A simple act that costs no dime,

Yet pays in ways you can’t define,

Bringing joy in every climb.

With morning's light, let it bloom,

And watch your home dispel all gloom.

A smile at work makes tasks fly by,

With pleasure, time will surely zoom.

As you walk through life's busy way,

Your smile can brighten someone's day.

Unseen, unknown, its magic spread,

Lifting spirits, turning heads.

On the phone, let it be heard,

A smile transforms every word.

Conversations turn sweet and bright,

Making every moment feel just right.

God gave us this simple grace,

A remedy for sadness we face.

So wear it proudly, share its light,

And make your day and others' bright.

Embrace the magic, let it flow,

For in your smile, miracles grow.

Turn the mundane to moments of cheer,

With just a smile, keep loved ones near.

It’s God’s gift, this smiling art,

An instant cure for heavy hearts.

So make a difference, start today,

Smile and watch the world sway.

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