You Aren’t Your Thoughts!

Negative self-talk is addictive, and it can often be challenging to break free of. Unless we address the cause of self-esteem issues and deal with them head-on, we will remain in these unhealthy mental patterns our entire lives!

One area in which life coaching works tirelessly to identify and assess is the presence of limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs are patterns of thinking and perceiving, which significantly impacts and limits our ability to achieve or break out of damaging cycles and habits. They are usually directly responsible for some (if not many) of the issues we are presented within life, as our overall perception of situations is influenced by how we subconsciously perceive our worth in relation to them.

In life coaching, we aim to change the way your brain is wired and allow you to fully let go of these limiting beliefs once and for all, in the hopes that health and happiness can be achieved in alignment with your core values.

To identify some limiting beliefs and tackle confidence issues once and for all, start a list of some existing truths you have about yourself.

List 10 things that you honestly like/value about yourself. Be creative and honest.

Next, try to remember a time in your life when you felt strong and proud of yourself. It can be for any reason, at any time - nothing is too big or too small.

Consider for a moment - are there any ways you could use these tools and abilities to boost your self-worth?

Fear and anxiety thrive on the existence of limiting beliefs. Next, challenge some of your limiting beliefs by questioning their truth. When you have a negative thought, ask yourself if that thought is really true.
-Is it REALLY true that I will never be good enough?
-Is it REALISTIC to say nobody will ever love me?
-Is it a FACT that I will fail at any new thing I try?

Don’t be afraid to challenge negative thoughts. In all likelihood, they are merely playing on an autoplay loop because they havenw’t been corrected.

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