Self-Care & Goal Setting

Self-Care & Goal Setting

Adding a new habit or routine to your life takes a lot of energy. To be successful in reaching your goals, you’ll have to incorporate some extra self-care into your day.

Unfortunately, pushing ourselves to the brink of breakdown, skipping out on sleep, and chugging espresso all day has been romanticized as a step toward “having it all,” but when we push our bodies and minds too far - even if we do reach our goal - we’re too depleted to celebrate it!

As you're working toward your goals, take time to check in with yourself and watch for signs that you’re pushing yourself too hard. Here are a few things to look out for:

-You feel irritated frequently. 
-You forget everything you’ve accomplished and can only seem to focus on what you still have to do.
-You put your self-care on hold, for example skipping out on your favorite yoga class, making daily visits to the drive-through for dinner, or not getting enough sleep.

Pushing ourselves too hard doesn't have to be your only choice - the second option is to choose to pause. You can and should choose to find ways to remain happy under sustainable conditions rather than keep putting pressure on yourself to be perfect. Take time to practice self-love.

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