Make It a habit - Check In

To keep your values on top of mind, make it a habit to affirm them regularly. To do this, you need to practice some mindfulness to tune into your emotions. Mindfulness is something that we as a Western society are still getting accustomed to - If you’re not familiar with the term, let me know, and I’ll offer some explanations.

If you’re new to checking in with your emotions, begin with triggers - like when you do something nice for a stranger, you’ll feel good, or if you allow someone to overstep a personal boundary, you’ll feel hurt.

Once you get more comfortable with these triggers, you’ll be able to start tapping into your mind and emotions more often. This will allow you to attach your actions to your values and stay in tune with how your values are guiding your life.

Today’s challenge is to test this out by complimenting a stranger or doing a good deed and taking a moment to feel the emotions that interaction creates. Warm and fuzzy? Something else? Report back.

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