What Are You Thankful For?

What Are You Thankful For?

The act of giving thanks goes beyond mere words. When we encounter the feeling of thanks, we are experiencing gratitude.
Gratitude has been the subject of study among philosophers, religious scholars, and scientists alike. For at least 2,000 years, intellectuals have been considering the vital role gratitude plays in daily life.
The magnitude of benefits we experience from gratitude may account for our interest in studying this foundational emotion for millennia. The relationship between gratitude and well-being is a burgeoning area of research in the field of positive psychology.
So I ask, what are you thankful for? Learn how to tap into the depths of your gratitude during my Gratitude Email Series.

Stages of Gratitude

No matter what age we are, we have the capacity to experience gratitude. First comes the acknowledgment of goodness in life and the elements that make worth living.
From a young age, we are able to feel gratified by the things we receive. Over time, we cultivate our capacity to be grateful externally to other people, animals, and the world. These are the two stages of gratitude—recognition of the goodness in our lives, followed by the acknowledgment that this goodness came to us externally.
Learn more about the reciprocity of gratitude and ways to continue to deepen this fundamental emotion by opting-in to this fantastic resource.

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Tap Into The Benefits

From enhanced well-being to deeper relationships, increased optimism, and better physical and mental health, engaging in a regular gratitude practice has so much to offer to all walks of life.
During my Gratitude Email Series, I will discuss the meaning of gratitude, explain various benefits, and share a variety of methods to help you cultivate your daily gratitude practice.
I’ll even have tips for cultivating a gratitude practice for little ones! Teaching children how to practice gratitude helps them learn a lifelong appreciation for the world around them and all that it has to offer.
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