Psychologists have ascertained the benefits of what they call ‘Progressive Mental Alignment’ (PMA) for achieving goals and making large life changes.
Life audits fall into this category of large life changes, and while intelligent decision-making and awareness have always been known to affect the level of life satisfaction we achieve. The science behind PMA examines the subconscious inhibitors we all possess in our brains, which prevent large-scale and longer-term changes from taking permanent effect.
According to the PMA website, recent discoveries have revealed improvement blockers, called “bad clusters,” to be the root cause of a negative influence on our thinking processes, beliefs, decisions, actions and behaviors, and even on our health, leading to an inner resistance against change and improvement.
Therefore, if something is mentally getting in the way of achieving your goals, PMA will help you make changes to re-align with beliefs and thought-patterns that will help you alter this.
Progressing in alignment with your clear mental and emotional goals is far more beneficial than progressing blindly simply because you feel you should be! We can think of this in terms of life auditing and use it as we go forward with the process.
More info on PMA here:

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