This is a commonly encountered theme which many people struggle to honestly identify - your wants over your needs.
Ask yourself the following questions:
1 What do I NEED to be happy?
This question will almost always allow you to align closer to your core values.
2. What do I THINK I need to be happy?
These things usually prove to be WANTS disguised as NEEDS.
3. Are there things that I WANT which can be done without?
4. What are these things?
Be honest and open with yourself about these needs. A life audit won’t work unless you get used to dealing with some of the uncomfortable stuff it can bring up!
There are some correlations between needs and core values. The main way to distinguish between them, as the author of the article below explains, is that needs are generally more immediate and fleeting than values. This means that our day to day needs fluctuate on a daily basis, and our values generally remain the same over time.
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