How to Write A Mission Statement

How To Write a Mission Statement

The best way to get to the bottom of your mission is to follow these steps and dedicate a small amount of time to simply WRITE.
Step 1: Write down a list of what your ‘ideal life’ looks like. Where do you see this life audit taking you?
Some areas to take into account when doing this include:
Goals and motivation
Passions and pass times
Step 2: Write down what your CURRENT situation looks like in each selected area. Be open, honest, and critical. Maintaining an impartial stance can help here - as if you were another person looking at your life and describing what they see.
THEN (and this is the important part)
Step 3: Compare the two.
This is a powerful exercise to clearly show you which areas of your life, you need to focus on and where the biggest changes need to be made. It will help you gain clarity and maybe even show you things you weren’t aware of.

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