How To Recognize Your Core Values


When we don’t honor our core values, our mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual state is where we experience discomfort. Sometimes this can be obvious - the uncomfortable feeling of knowing some information about a friends’ cheating partner, for example, is an obvious state of unease which stems from an act we perceive as negative and might suggest that honesty and integrity are high on your list of core values.
In other times, it might not be so obvious - things like a feeling of dis-ease about other people’s actions which you may not be able to justify or explain, or even some unconscious habits you’ve picked up that deep down you know don’t make you feel good, but your clarity on the matter is too blurred for you to see why.
Examples of core values can include (but are not limited to):
1. Health and wellbeing - when your health and well-being is at the core of your personal values, you are more likely to make healthier decisions regarding food, drink, exercise, mental stimulation, downtime, and overall physical and mental health.
2. Family and Relationships - people who value family over other aspects of their lives are likely to thrive best in a positive home environment and make decisions based around how they view their family, and personal life will be impacted.
3. Creativity - if you’re a creative person, then your art will undoubtedly inhabit an important place among your day to day pursuits. Cultivating creativity and finding new ways to express yourself will rank highly your agenda.
4. Teamwork - in a business or work environment, having a core value that places the importance of teamwork above other aspects of the work environment will mean that the way you choose to conduct your business will revolve around the people and team you surround yourself with.
The next step is to write YOUR list of core values. Don’t compare it to anyone else. Turn inward and do the work!
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