Are You Forgiving and Forgetting?


To forgive and forget is one of the most valuable things one can do. To hold on to resentment and ill feelings towards another will only make you more ill. In order to move ahead and get past disappointments, it is necessary to forgive fully and to forget. This will bring true healing in your life and allow you to move forward. To forgive is like taking a hundred pound weight from around your neck. You will feel better about yourself and about others. You will be able to benefit from the lesson that accompanied your hurt and disappointment. So move forward, with the renewed energy that will be provided and thank God that you are still able to progress.

The Healing Power of Forgiveness

That familiar knot in your stomach, the tension in your shoulders, the anger that simmers just below the surface - we've all felt the heavy burden of holding onto resentment. But there is another way. There exists an incredible power within each of us, a power that can dissolve those chains of bitterness and set our souls free once more.

What is this mystical power, you ask? The power of forgiveness.

Yes, letting go and offering the gift of forgiveness - not just to others but to ourselves - can work miracles in our lives. As we make the brave choice to forgive, it lifts the toxic weight from our hearts, allowing joy and inspiration to flow in. We no longer define ourselves by our pain from the past or close ourselves off in fear.

The journey of forgiveness leads us to a life refreshed and renewed, a life where hope beams bright within us, where we can meaningfully connect with humanity again. It sweeps away our jaded skepticism and renews our faith - both in others and in ourselves.

I urge you today: unlock the healing power of forgiveness. Set yourself free and step into the fullness of life once more. The future awaits, bright with promise.

©2023 Thomas F. Scotton

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