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Another important element of our daily lives, which impacts our mental and physical health more than we may realize is our environment. Things like the place you live, the space you sleep in, the area you work in, and even the quality of the light, air, and sound in these places can influence your perception of life.

During your life-auditing, thinking about how these various elements of your current living environment might be impacting the problems you’ve identified is key to beginning the process of changing them.

Ask yourself these questions:

1. Is your house cluttered? Science has proven that cluttered and messy living spaces actually significantly affect our happiness, clarity, and anxiety levels.

2. Is your home environment bright or dark? Large or small? These factors can also impact our overall mentality when we get home after a long day - the space we consider our ‘home’ is a vital element of how we form our personal internal landscapes.

If you’re aware that something in your environment needs changing, then it’s worth taking the time to do so even if it means investing a little more time, money, or effort than you’ve become accustomed to.

Do a spring clean, donate unworn clothes to charity or organize a clothes-swap with some friends who may be seeking to do similar clear outs- the possibilities are endless, and you’ll probably feel all the better for getting a little creative with it!

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