Analyze Your Relationships

Relationships are a commonly occurring theme of people’s list and core values that may need to be re-evaluated during a life edit. No matter how big or small a role people play in your life, it’s important to take adequate time to consider the quality of your relationships when seeking to make personal changes.
The nature of relationships can mean that sometimes the conversation surrounding your life audit and any changes that might need to be made can feel a little awkward, or even cause some pain to surface. As much as you can change your own beliefs, habits, and everyday practices to suit your new lifestyle, the fact remains that you cannot change another person’s opinion or image. This is important to remember.
To analyze your current relationships:
1. Try to objectively look at your relationships with family, with certain friends or friend groups, and with significant others.
2. Take into account the dialogue and general sense of positivity or negativity you receive from these interactions.
3. Note if these relationships are taking you closer to your core values or not.
One vital thing to any successful relationship is an underlying agreement or similarity of some key core values. If these are not present, it may be time to make some changes in the relationship.
Here is a really insightful article which speaks about the patterns in relationships we tend to repeat over time being as a direct result of the childhood care we received:

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